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Soul mates ... it's a beautiful ideal, but one listener is having doubts. Because isn't the job description of a soul mate to support us when we're low or need help and direction? Or is that too much of an ask? Shefali is an artist and she feels like her partner is becoming impatient of her dreams.

LSDCast S01E71: Soul mates and unconditional support

Every frog you kiss can't turn into a prince(ss) so ... what do you do with the ones you're pretty sure are not going to be The One!? A listener after the hearts of LSDcast hosts Prem and Rogue -- the siblings who host this podcast and are your best intimacy coaches EVER -- asks about letting people go. Do you owe it to the person you don't want to date to give them closure?

LSDCast S01E69: Closure for culling (when you’re doing online dating)

So, hosts Prem & Rogue plus Prem's hair. (n/m, it's an inside joke) have a question about app etiquette. Do you keep shopping around online while you're engaging with someone IRL? At what time do you turn your profile off? Or dormant? Do you talk about it with each other? If you do, then when? And yes, of course, the siblings have opinions. And stories. And case studies (personal ones.)

LSDCast S01E68: Etiquette 101: Staying off dating apps in the ...

Someone has a problem with coming across as an asshole. So he's being really nice to this girl he met off a dating app. After painting himself into a corner, he's not sure how to tell her that it isn't turning into a relationship. Enter Prem & Rogue, your existential agony bhaiya and didi, the siblings who double as intimacy coaches and give our listeners advice, primers and real life tips.

LSDCast S01E67: Being nice versus leading someone on

We talk about rebounds and break ups on the show frequently. One of our listeners wrote in to say all that's fine, but Prem & Rogue, siblings extraordinaire, how long does it take to get over someone? Your favourite advice giving "intimacy coaches" talk about the popular algorithms, the TYPES of breakups and how long (relatively) each takes to recover from because of what's at stake

LSDCast S01E65: How fast can you get over them?