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A full-service podcast production house and consultancy practice uniquely poised to deliver world class quality audio content for your ears (and clients).


For individuals or organizations starting a podcast, Sonologue can provide advice and bespoke solutions to develop, create and launch your interview, feature or documentary podcast.


Whether you want to launch a podcast or improve an existing series, we conduct workshops, webinars, coaching and masterclasses on all aspects of podcasting.

SkyIsland Beatbox team, Photo by Prasenjeet Yadav


Working with the best, most experienced podcasting sound engineers, producers, voices and equipment we can help you package, edit, and produce your audio content.

If you’ve got a story, knowledge, or even an opinion,
we can amplify your voice.

Our Portfolio of production, reporting, and fixing

Our Latest Work

We work with corporates, NGO’s, and even big broadcast houses. We were also the first music podcast (“Live from the Blue Frog” in 2008) and the first community/fitness podcast (“Bigloser India”) as well as the first nonfiction storytelling podcast (“Tall Tales Takeaway”) in India! 


Our new limited series podcast: Evolution of Solution with The Better India & Accenture

his fall, Sonologue produced a limited series of four episodes about an exciting subject: Tech for good!
In conjunction with India’s biggest positive news site, The Better India, and Accenture India, we did episodes on the most cutting edge tech in play today, speaking with young industry leaders all pushing to change the landscape of our lives: AI, Robotics, VR, and IoT

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