At Sonologue, we are happy and able to provide a wide range of services for our clients:

Shows/Podcasts: We craft features, reports, narratives, and long-form documentaries for individuals or organizations/media houses.

Podcasting Workshops: For individuals, corporates, schools, colleges, media houses, and the social sector, we have modules of different durations for different expertise levels, from novices to producers.

Editorial Support: For existing audio archives and podcasts, we help give your content a shape and identity.

Special projects: We collaborate with organizations and individuals to develop evocative audio and multimedia series.

Supplemental content: We can enhance your print and Web stories with multimedia and audio for online magazines, e-newsletters, newspapers, blogs, podcasts, online radio stations, Webcasts, and mobile phones.

Stringing: We file reports and stories for radio and news gathering services over a multimedia platform, chiefly audio, but augmented with digital photography as well as written word.

Fixing/Coordination: We’ll help you find that perfect sound byte whether your organization needs a phoner or a source in India for a story.

Production: We have a strong network of production studios and equipment so we can help you package, edit, and produce any and all of your audio content.

Contact us by emailing info @ sonologue dot com. You can also reach us at  +91 9833646717