Podcasting workshops

We believe in the power of the heard word.

Sonologue offers a bouquet of workshops for all levels and set ups. If you’ve got an idea or a story, we can hep you figure out the process, how to design engaging content, what it takes to record, how to edit and produce as well as how to market and distribute an engaging, informative podcast. Individuals, NGO’s, corporates, media professionals and media houses, students, and story tellers from other media, everyone’s welcome!


Since 2011, Sonologue has conducted bespoke trainings for various clients across India, including communications students, journalists, NGO’s, and consulting firms. Popular modules include:

  • Pod-what? Introduction to podcasting
  • Understanding podcasts: roles, processes and best practices
  • Podcasting 101: Creating and launching a great podcast
  • Branded Podcasts: why and how should corporates podcast
  • Interviewing techniques & field recordings
  • Audio storytelling and case study archival oral traditions
  • Elementary production and editing techniques
  • Podcasting 1 on 1: critiquing and finessing existing podcasts
  • Podcasting for journalists from other media
  • Feature and narrative podcast how-tos!
  • Interviewing, writing and scripting for the ear
  • Podcasting for social enterprises and development professionals
  • Masterclass: Develop an episode from start to finish

Anyone with a story, an opinion, subject matter expertise, or a voice is the perfect candidate for one of our workshops. Our attendees include: journalists, social scientists, HR consultants, corporates, not-for-profits, national and international media houses, communications colleges, journalism/broadcasting/BMM students, cultural organizations, as well as individuals who are passionate about sharing expertise, opinions, or stories. We’re happy to customize the podcasting workshop for your needs, from one day to two weeks, for kids, and adults, brands, and organizations. Contact us and we’ll make it happen for you, too.

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