Put our experience to work for your advantage

Whether you’re looking to create a podcast as an individual or as a branding exercise for a corporate, Sonologue can guide you on making your content and format work for you.

Conception to Launch

We can help you create and launch your podcast from start to finish or anywhere in between:


Understand podcasts and how they work

Meet with us to gain insight into what a podcast is about, how each format is best suited for certain content and what a podcast can do for your brand propositions

Figure out if a podcast is suitable for your brand

Meet with us if you’re not sure what’s to gain from a podcast as a marketing and outreach tool, we’ll help you figure it out

Ideate & develop a podcast

We can help youcome up with a plan about what kind of content you could put out, what format works best, segments to include and what’s involved from your end

Strategize about podcast sustainability and distribution

Meet with us to understand what it takes to go the distance and how to meet your long-term goals through a tool like a podcast

Finesse your podcast

Already have a podcast but need help with improving it? We can workshop your existing audio and critique it as well as provide concrete improvements to content as well as sound quality and technical aspects. We can do this for select episodes and full series. 

Onboard your team

“Teach a man to fish … “ Find out what’s involved – and what you’d like to undertake in-house and what you’d like to outsource to Sonologue Productions. We can train and mentor your team through an onboarding workshop and provide a roadmap.  Sessions include:

  • Concept ideation
  • Content creation and design
  • Recording and Interviewing
  • Production and Mixing
  • Post Production and Distribution

Ongoing soundingboard/mentorship

Even if you choose to create your podcast yourself, Sonologue can provide an ongoing consultancy for mentorship, advice, tips and support in your podcasting journey. 

Podcasting from beginner to Mastery

Topics Covered in Workshops

Since 2011, Sonologue has conducted bespoke trainings for various clients across India, including communications students, journalists, NGO’s, and consulting firms. 



Podcasting 101

Creating and launching a great podcast from the very beginning. 


Understanding Podcasts

Recognizing the roles, processes and best practices of podcasting.

Branded Podcasts

Discerning why and how corporates should podcast.



Mastering interviewing techniques and field recording.


Audio Storytelling

Audio storytelling and case study archival oral traditions

Production Basics

Learning elementary production and editing techniques


Podcasting 1 on 1

Critiquing and finessing existing podcasts


Podcasting for Journalists

Understanding the benefits of podcasting for journalists from other media.


Features and Naratives

Mastering how to create feature and narrative podcasts.

Producing for the Ear

Interviewing, writing and scripting for the ear.

Podcasting for Social Enterprises

Learning the benefits of podcasting for social enterprises and development professionals.


Developing an episode from start to finish

What Consultancy Clients Say

Podcasts are a fairly young medium in the Indian ‘mediascape’, and Chhavi’s enthusiasm as a trainer and practitioner is undoubtedly infectious. Apart from giving us a complete understanding of the pre- and post-production steps that go into the building of a podcast, Chhavi shared relevant examples that illustrated key facets of best practices within Podcast production. Her cheat-sheets on effective interview techniques and the different podcasting formats to be explored are great ready-reckoners for producers and valuable for those playing with the idea of building podcasts as part of communities and organizations.

Sukanya Ghosh

Communicator, Podcaster, Solutions partner, Business enabler, Deloitte India

Chhavi’s insights into podcasting allowed our team to clearly think about the various steps to take towards materializing our podcast. What was limited to planning boards and in our heads, was easily transmuted into the physical form by Chhavi’s patient and calm approach to shaping content.

Nithin Shamsuddin

Producer, Habits Matter at Harappa Education

Chhavi is one of the most knowledgeable people with regards to podcasting in India. She has been so humble and approachable throughout our working time together. Not only did she give us a very good workshop in understanding Podcasting but also helped me throughout the project as I was a complete beginner at podcasting. Her team spirit and encouragement is very much appreciated. It was an enriching experience working together.

Jayita Phulsunge

Public Diplomacy & Communications Officer, Consulate General of Canada in Mumbai

We have had the privilege to record our first season of LeaderCraft, a podcast of the Tata Group with Sonologue. It has been a delight to be introduced to the world of podcasting through Chhavi, such an experienced podcast producer.

Sonologue Productions has helped us right from planning and recording to launching the LeaderCraft series.

Highly recommended for any corporates/individuals who look forward to venture into the world of podcasting.

Group HR, Tata Sons