Our new limited series podcast: Evolution of Solution with The Better India & Accenture

29 Oct 2020 | Narratives & Features, podcast, Portfolio | 0 comments

This fall, Sonologue produced a limited series of four episodes about an exciting subject: Tech for good! In conjunction with India’s biggest positive news site, The Better India, and Accenture India, we touched on the most cutting edge tech in play today, speaking with young industry leaders all pushing to change the landscape of our lives.

Do stream it from the site to listen to all four. The embeds may not play from my site but they definitely will from TBI or from Anchor

A Sonologue production: Hosted by Chhavi Sachdev.
With able support from The Better India, we conducted the interviews, scripted the flow, and then produced and mixed the shows.

Episode 1 about Artificial Intelligence featured Ashwini Asokan from Mad Street Den and Geetha Manjunathan from Niramai, both ladies doing amazing things with AI in vastly different spaces: retail and women’s health
Episode 2 about the Internet of Things featured Ft. Ranjana Nair, Ray IoT Solutions & Arjun P Gupta, Smart Joules bringing the IoT into homes for health and into factories and warehouses for energy management
Episode 3 about Robotics featured Asim Bhalerao, from fluid Robotics & Aditi Prasad, Robotix Learning Solutions who are doing amazing work to sort out India’s manual scavenging, sewage problems and solving the gender bias and accessibility issues for girls!
Episode 4 is about Virtual Reality featuring Sairam Sagiraju, Filmmaker & Tithi Tiwar, Trezi, talking about using films for empathy and social change and using VR for collaborative creativity in building!


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