LSDCast S01E70: Revenge hookups with your ex

30 Jul 2017 | the LSDCast | 0 comments

What do you do when your ex wants to Netflix and chill after having given you the cold shoulder for a year? Sibling hosts Prem & Rogue have a question from someone who is debating whether he should hook up with his ex to exact revenge. He wants to lead her on and then dump her cold. It’s all very shady! But he hasn’t quite decided what to do yet so he’s asking LSDcast! There’s no relationship potential, they’re consenting adults, and sex with your ex is usually a great scenario but the agenda? You already know what Rogue’s going to say here, but there ARE other shades to this story. And we do have some deeper advice for our listener who is contemplating “revenge” – a dish not very easy to handle in the cooking or the serving. So, clearly, he should keep it classy. But how? Listen to hear more! Bonus: Prem and his story about hooking up with an ex.


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