LSDCast S01E68: Etiquette 101: Staying off dating apps in the discovery stage

9 Jul 2017 | the LSDCast | 0 comments

So, hosts Prem & Rogue plus Prem’s hair. (n/m, it’s an inside joke) have a question about app etiquette. Do you keep shopping around online while you’re engaging with someone IRL? At what time do you turn your profile off? Or dormant? Do you talk about it with each other? If you do, then when? And yes, of course, the siblings have opinions. And stories. And case studies (personal ones.) And a story about snooping in a date’s phone! What are you waiting for? Listen to the episode and tell us what you do, when you’re done! We’re on social and we’re on email. Bonus: A follow up from Neil who had that great question about confessing your crush, back in episode 66!


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