In August, Sonologue jumped into the fray of the first annual 24-Hour Radio Race, organized by the fine folks at KCRW’s Independent Producer’s Project. The concept was simple. Teams from more than 100 countries registered. On August 17, 10a.m. EST (10:30 p.m. IST local time for me) they dropped the theme by presenting this video (“The Last Thing You’d Expect“) and we had 24 hours

KCRW radio race 2013

For their Valentine's day special, RNW featured two stories from India. The first is about Karishma Shah and her trials in 'arranged dating' Click on the play button in the embedded player under the link that says "Arranged Dating Hell" The second is about the inspirational Prabha Panse who match makes for the disabled.

Love Stories on RNW

We air our clean linen in public, talking about the right to dry our clothes outside. Some housing associations ban it, but forcing people to use dryers is expensive and bad for the planet. India is following in America's footsteps – but in a land where clothes drying seems to be in people’s genes, will the dryer ever replace the clothes line? Sonologue's commentary on line drying the laundry was featured on RNW's Earthbeat today. Download by right clicking here

Dry Fighting

On April 1, the long awaited "people's car" - the Tata Nano made its debut at select car dealerships in Mumbai. We went over to one in the evening and talked to (and recorded) a few of the eager people milling about. We got information on the feel of the car, how the bookings work...

Bombay Talkies: The Tata Nano

It grieves us to post this but due to technical problems beyond our control, there will be no podcast on The State of Radio on November 5, 2008. Instead, we will return next Wednesday, with a fantastically informative podcast a week from then. Big apologies, and we’ll be back with this, plus a new episode of NRI’s redefined (NRI=New+Returned Indians) soon after, too.

The State of Radio – delayed

The State of Radio looks at licensing, the FM spectrum and the much touted de-merger now allowed in India, some community radio action, as well as a promised look at the Literacy Bridge's portable recording device and what it's for.

The State of Radio: episode 4, Sept. 17, 2008

This week, I’m looking at a governmental/community radio stations that are coming in India, a noble initiative by Radio Mirchi to do some audio CSR for blind kids, reports on Q2 advertising revenues in Canada and India, as well as the purported ban on music in Mumbai cars - all the radio stories worth checking out from the last week.

The State of Radio: episode 2, Sept. 2, 2008