Shishuvan wrap up

27 May 2012 | Narratives & Features, Workshops | 0 comments

After a full academic year of alternate Saturdays spent at Shishuvan with the Radio Club kids from 5th to 10th grade, it’s finally time to hand back the reigns to the school staff.

This year, they’ve done plays that are a parody of saans-bahu serials, produced essays about having cats, reported on the launch ofa new line of luxury cars in India, the cutting of trees by the BMC, the school fair, sung songs, and dozens more projects.

Waking up early on a Saturday and reaching school before 8 a.m. was no easy task, but the enthusiasm of the kids always made up for it.

We’ve done reports, features, radio plays, dramas, and ended with the kids really excited about making up jingles for Asanjo Radio, and some of them less than enthusiastic about writing personal essays.

Still, they’ve got their grades, no one failed, and they’re ready to meet the challenge of programming, production and running their own radio station!


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