7 days in Hyderabad

26 Oct 2011 | Workshops | 0 comments

Sonologue recently conducted a 7-day intensive radio content workshop at the Sarojini Naidu School of Communication at the University of Hyderabad. Over the course of the full week, master’s degree students were taken through creating reports, features, PSA’s, radio dramas, personal essays, and reviews. At the end of the workshop, all students had produced, in groups and individually, at least radio-ready pieces of each type.

While some of the students had done hybrids of these types of radio content before, this was the first time they critiqued shows that are currently on air on their station and modified them to incorporate community interaction and feedback.

The response was tremendous. The students are charged up to do more with their community radio station “Bol Hyderabad“. They are also prepared to open up the airwaves to the support staff and neighboring communities, not just students.


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