KCRW radio race 2013

3 Aug 2014 | Narratives & Features | 0 comments

KCRW radio race 2013In August, Sonologue jumped into the fray of the first annual 24-Hour Radio Race, organized by the fine folks at KCRW’s Independent Producer’s Project.
The concept was simple. Teams from more than 100 countries registered. On August 17, 10a.m. EST (10:30 p.m. IST local time for me) they dropped the theme by presenting this video (“The Last Thing You’d Expect“) and we had 24 hours to expand, expound, interview, find sound, and make a radio story under 6 minutes long.
12 hours in, we got a bonus element to incorporate: the picture of a die. I didn’t even know it was the dungeons and dragons die at all, but, I worked it in. And I even got an honorable mention out of it!
And after a couple of tense days of watching the Radio Race blog, I learned I’d made it in the top 35, and then, finally, placed in the top 10. I didn’t win any swag, but it was rather affirming 🙂

I did my story on Mahesh Umrania, sitar player and photographer. Why is that the last thing I’d expect? Because he’s blind and has been since he was a lad. Listen to the story for yourself here or on soundcloud:


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