view from my window, copyright 2009, chhavi sachdevEarthbeat: We air our clean linen in public, talking about the right to dry our clothes outside. Some housing associations ban it, but forcing people to use dryers is expensive and bad for the planet. India is following in America’s footsteps – but in a land where clothes drying seems to be in people’s genes, will the dryer ever replace the clothes line?

Sonologue’s commentary on line drying the laundry was featured on RNW’s Earthbeat today. Download by right clicking here or follow this link to stream.

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  1. Kalpesh

    There could be other options (other than the drier)

    Drying the clothes in the gallery which has a wall covering it so that the clothes hang inside the window.

    We will be able to see people talking with each other in English & throwing their snack pouch on the road, the buffet system in marriages

    I don’t know when we will stop aping the West?


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