For The Cultural Frontline, I interviewed artist Roshnee Desai who has designed a taxi upholstery fabric “Only for men” that aims to turn sexism on its head. Her views, verbatim, in the podcast from January 9. It was broadcast on the BBC’s new The Cultural Frontline podcast on January 9. You can listen to the whole podcast here, it’s the lead piece:

Design for conversation & change: Roshnee Desai profiled on BBC’s ...

In August, Sonologue jumped into the fray of the first annual 24-Hour Radio Race, organized by the fine folks at KCRW’s Independent Producer’s Project. The concept was simple. Teams from more than 100 countries registered. On August 17, 10a.m. EST (10:30 p.m. IST local time for me) they dropped the theme by presenting this video (“The Last Thing You’d Expect“) and we had 24 hours

KCRW radio race 2013