Mumbai matchmaker connects the disabled on PRI’s The World

26 May 2011 | Narratives & Features, Portraits | 0 comments

A feature story on a matchmaker for disabled people aired on May 24, 2011 on PRI’s The World.

The World: Mumbai matchmaker

Reporter Chhavi Sachdev profiles a matchmaker in Mumbai who helps people with disabilities to make a love connection.

Please visit the PRI page to listen to the story by streaming it and playing it right in your browser or by downloading and saving it to listen later. It’s just about 5 minutes long.
I’ve done a story about Prabha Panse before for European radio stations, I figured America should know about her too 🙂

Click here to listen and comment: The World: Mumbai matchmaker

Update: May 1, 2019:

Back in 2011, I had the honour and pleasure of meeting Prabha Pense, an 84 year old with a tinkling laugh. I was interviewing her for a radio piece and then subsequently for a print piece about her work: She was a matchmaker for the disabled.

She helped people find partners when society gave up on them or dismissed them as being unfit for marriage. She was driven, she was compassionate, she’d helped hundreds and hundreds of young men and women — some with cerebral palsy, a limp, a disfigured limb, visual impairments, you name — find a companion. She showed me albums upon albums of the weddings she had attended after introducing the bride and groom.

Prabha Pense passed away yesterday at the age of 93, her son informed me.

The world has lost a precious soul – someone who saw the world and all of its flaws with her heart rather than through the eyes of prejudice.


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