Podcasting Couch: Movie Podcasts — June 21, 2009 (Sunday Mid-day)

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The multiplexes are finally abuzz so, this week, let’s look at movie podcasts. Yes, you really can listen to audio about movies and it can be entertaining as well as informative!

The most popular, as borne out by an email from reader Kantesh Guttal, is the BBC’s “Love Bollywood” podcast. There’s always a guest and there’s new music and previews. Hosts Raj and Pablo even attended the IIFA. Check out how your Londonstani bhai-bandhu get their dose of Bolly.

Next up is “the /Filmcast” where the hosts chat and review the latest releases – and of course, they’re a few months ahead of India’s release schedule but this way you can sound knowledgeable before your friends even hear about a film. (Added bonus: one of the hosts of this very United Colors of Benetton podcast is desi.)

Another good one — but you’ll have to let Chris and Jimmy grow on you, they’re very casual and very American –- is the “Scene Unseen” podcast. Their schtick is that only one of them sees the film, the other doesn’t (this has got to be hard!) until after the show – makes for fun and lively discussions.

The major players (MGM/UA, HBO, Universal, Touchstone, Warner, Disney) all have their own behind-the-scenes, outtakes podcasts if you’re a big Hollywood buff but you’ll have to subscribe to all of them, because they’re not regularly updated, they’re put out as promos when a film is coming out.

Radio NRI does Bollywood with a focus on music, Meeta Kabra does Bollywood “WOGMA” (Without Giving the Movie Away) reviews but they’re sporadic (also on www.theindicast.com). Slate magazine puts out “Slate’s Spoiler Special” – definitely don’t listen to this BEFORE you see a film! NPR, the Boston Globe, the New York Times all have movie reviews as downloadable audio for you on the go, as well.

If you don’t think these are what you want, try typing “movies”, “reviews”, “Bollywood”, “Hollywood” or “indie films” into the search box and if you find something better, drop me a line.

Remember, you can find these podcasts in several different ways: by searching topic, title, or author in iTunes or on podcatchers – aggregators like podcastalley.com or odeo.com – or simply by searching through an engine like Google. You can play them back in Google Reader or Netvibes as well while at your computer. The point, though, is to be mobile. So do download them to your phone or mp3 player.

Happy listening! And DO try this at home. ☺


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