Podcasting Couch: Media/Advertising Podcasts June 14, 2009 (Sunday Mid-day)

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By: Chhavi Sachdev

This week, given how many Mumbaikars are directly or peripherally plugged the media, I thought we could look at the media, marketing and advertising podcasts available around the world.

The mother of them all is “This Week in Media” which is one of the oldest podcasts that looks at media of all kind – print, web, films, and even know products. Recent shows have talked about amazon.com’s Kindle, movie piracy, iPhone hacks, social media – basically it delivers what its title says it should in a friendly, co-hosted , radio-format. It is a Western podcast, so they’re not really discussing the lifting of the Bollywood producers strike but you get the picture. It’s worth subscribing to if you’re interested in this space.

The BBC’s “Media Show” deals with UK issues that apply even here: gag orders on the press; local newspapers shutting doors; conglomerates taking over – it’s the same news everywhere.

There’s The Advertising Show which is not so much for industry insiders as for small companies. They do have some big names as guests once in a while so I can imagine an ad person wanting to hear some of the American gurus speak.

For the social media enthusiasts, there’s a very good show called “Internet Marketing this Week” that keeps its fingers on the global pulse and examines trends and noteworthy happenings.

Finally, if you have a phone or iPod that supports video, you should check out (and subscribe to) the “Best Ads on TV” vidcast – download and view six of the best ads from all over the world, on your screen.

Remember, you can find these FREE podcasts in several different ways: by searching topic, title, or author in iTunes or on podcatchers – aggregators like podcastalley.com or odeo.com – or simply by searching through an engine like Google. You can play them back in Google Reader or Netvibes as well while at your computer. The point, though, is to be mobile. So do download them to your phone or mp3 player.

Next week, we look at movie podcasts for your listening pleasure on the go. If you’d like to share your favorite sites and discoveries, drop me a line and we’ll publish them here.

Happy listening! And DO try this at home. ☺


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