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Our story on Parsi speed dating made it into TSWI's "it's complicated" valentine's special :) The Parsis are an ancient Indian minority in danger of dying out – they’re not intermarrying enough. So I spent an evening of Parsis-only speed dating, to see if some singles could make a Zoroastrian love connection

It’s complicated: Parsi speed dating on TSWI

For their Valentine's day special, RNW featured two stories from India. The first is about Karishma Shah and her trials in 'arranged dating' Click on the play button in the embedded player under the link that says "Arranged Dating Hell" The second is about the inspirational Prabha Panse who match makes for the disabled.

Love Stories on RNW

Big FM and Radio Misty experiment with new shows Big FM, the radio initiative from Adlabs Films Ltd, has launched a new show titled ‘Yecherikay’ (Caution!), which deals with the supernatural, occult, and ghosts. The show airs Monday to Friday between 11.00 pm and 1:00 am. The RJ of the show will be visiting ‘alleged’ haunted houses in the city and would also speak to listeners to share their […]

e4m: Big FM and Radio Misty experiment with new ...