Radio Netherlands launches special show The State We’re In on Radio Misty

15 Jul 2009 | Press Coverage, The State We're In - India Edition | 0 comments

Radio Netherlands launches special show The State We’re In on Radio Misty

MUMBAI: Audiences in North Bengal and Sikkim can now listen to the Radio Netherlands Worldwide (RNW) flagship infotainment show – The State We’re In – on Radio Misty 94.3 fm and Radio Misty Sikkim 95 fm. The partnership with Radio Netherlands Worldwide (RNW) ensures that listeners in the region can now tune in to the RNW’s infotainment show tailor-made for India’s FM market by Sonologue.

The State We’re In has stories from all over the world, covering important global matters as well as seemingly small issues, because they too can have a big impact. This show is specially designed for FM listeners in India and is made in cooperation with Sonologue, an independent radio production company based in Mumbai. The programme is creative, fresh and innovative. Radio Netherlands Worldwide (RNW), has established a partnership with first and foremost North Bengal and Sikkim FM station, Radio Misty.

Radio Misty 94.3 fm is the first and number one FM station in North Bengal and Radio Misty Sikkim 95 FM is first 24×7 fm station of Sikkim. The aim of Radio Misty is to connect the local people with more interactive and innovative shows.

Andy Clark, Head of RNW’s English department, says: “It is great that Radio Misty is to start using our India edition of The State We’re In – the show is always thought provoking and I’m sure listeners will enjoy it. I look forward to hearing their reactions.”

Amitabh Srivastava, RNW Country Manager for India says: “It’s always pleasure dealing with Radio Misty’s young and vibrant team and it’s always rewarding to see our programming initiatives getting so much recognition with Misty’s listeners.”

Radio Misty Chief Executive Officer Mr Nishant Mittal says: “It’s great that we are the first FM station in India to partner with Radio Netherlands Worldwide. Now with the launch of The State We’re In India this will give listeners a new concept. This is proud moment for us. Radio Misty always is an innovative station with new concepts. We look forward to share new ideas in programming.”

With the motto, “Local people, Local voice, Local station, Local choice”, Radio Misty 94.3 fm and Radio Misty Sikkim 95 FM connects local people via interactive and innovative shows, focusing on local culture and heritage. Its programmes are designed to cater for people from all walks of life and all ages.


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