e4m: Big FM and Radio Misty experiment with new shows

15 Jul 2009 | Press Coverage | 0 comments

Big FM and Radio Misty experiment with new shows

Big FM, the radio initiative from Adlabs Films Ltd, has launched a new show titled ‘Yecherikay’ (Caution!), which deals with the supernatural, occult, and ghosts. The show airs Monday to Friday between 11.00 pm and 1:00 am. The RJ of the show will be visiting ‘alleged’ haunted houses in the city and would also speak to listeners to share their experiences on the same.

‘Yecherikay’ went on air towards the end of June 2009 and is said to have already received a lot of positive response from the listeners. During this show, the FM station plays a lot of mellow songs, trying to match the mood of the listeners. Currently, this show is being promoted only on air.

In conversation with exchange4media.com Sunil Kumaran, Cluster Head, Karnataka and Kerala, Big FM, said, “The objective of Big FM has always been to work on concepts that are relevant to the listeners and this show is very close to the listeners’ hearts. We thought this show is a perfect entry because there is a demand for this topic, and radio as a medium allows the listener to picture this well.”

Kumaran further said, “We continuously modify our shows and change our content based on listeners’ feedback, even our music line-up is based on research and we play songs according to our listeners’ moods. For instance, we roped in a new RJ for our devotional programme, ‘Suprabhatam’. We are pretty optimistic about this paranormal show.”

Meanwhile, Radio Netherlands has also launched an infotainment show, ‘The State We’re In’, which will be aired on Radio Misty’s stations in Silliguri and Sikkim. Currently, the show is aired in English, however, over time, the show will be aired in Hindi. Radio Misty has slots for Nepali, Bengali, Hindi and English language shows.

Nishant Mittal, CEO, Radio Misty, said, “The timing and the schedule of the programme will be decided later on. Currently, the show is being promoted only on-air. This show will not be a complete local show, nevertheless it will deal with social issues considering the entire world with a global theme.”

‘The State We’re In’ is said to be specially designed for FM listeners in India and has been made in collaboration with Sonologue, an independent radio production company based in Mumbai.


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