How to select the best hosting platform for your podcast

1 Sep 2020 | ProTips | 0 comments

People ask me all the time: I want to start a podcast, what’s the best platform to host it? 

The short answer is: It depends. 

The long answer is: It depends on many factors, such as your format and where you are recording — even the frequency of publishing your episodes and how many voices will appear on your podcast. See, there is no straightforward formula. Yet! (And we spend an entire hour going over this in the fifth webinar of the Podcasting from Scratch series, Releasing and Distributing your Podcast)

BUT, here are some guidelines on what to look for so you can make the best decision for where to host your podcast series. 

Most hosts charge you based on the bandwidth you use every month (say 200mb a month) or minutes you use a month (say 200 minutes). If you’re making 8 podcasts a month of 30 minutes each but they’re only 2 minutes long and 20mb in size … that’s going to be your main criterion for picking a host: Bandwidth versus Minutes per month. So check the best hosts out there and do some comparison shopping. You can take this quiz from Podcast Insights and get some suggestions (third party link, no, I get nothing from them.)

And if you’d like to check out they’ve got an attractive trial offer and unlimited bandwidth (Sonologue is an affiliate — you get two months free through this link and once you’re done being active, they’ll allow you a 6-month dormancy plan).

#ProTip: You get what you pay for. If you go with free hosting, you’ll get less of something — maybe analytics.
And read the fine print on IP.

If you still have questions, please sign up for a workshop or book a consultation with us.


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