Podcasting From Scratch: How To Launch A World-class Podcast In Five Days

1 Sep 2020 | ProTips, Workshops | 0 comments

5 webinars, 5 days to START PODCASTING. Learn what you need to take your idea to fruition! And don’t waste time reinventing the wheel. You’ll leave with blueprints, roadmaps, checklists and loads of intel plus actionable tips.

Generally conducted once every month, over the course of five working days, 4pm to 5pm, Mon-Fri, online on zoom.
Take one, take all five, watch the calendar on www.sonologue.com/workshops for the next schedule or sign up to be notified about the next set of workshops below.

Webinar # 1 PODCASTING BASICS — One hour online to go over how to get started and what you need (hardware, software) to start a world-class podcast. You’ll get the Sonologue roadmap when you finish

Webinar # 2 PRODUCING YOUR SERIES — So now you know what you want to do, but how do you do it? Here are plans, processes, and blueprints to setting up a flow and structure of the episodes and avoid podfade

Webinar # 3 RECORDING (REMOTELY) — In Lockdown or just recording remotely anyway? Here are the radio manners you need as well as the technical stuff you have to account for and plan for to get the best quality sound

Webinar # 4 INTERVIEWING FOR PODCASTS –Interviewing for a podcast is totally different than any other medium. How do you prep yourself and your guest? How do you get the best out of them? What should you do (or not do)? Find out here.

Webinar # 5 RELEASING YOUR PODCAST –Ready to launch? Which platform do you host on and how do you get noticed? What are show notes? Should you join a network? How do you measure success?

Plus tips, tools, worksheets, checklists, roadmaps, workflows and (ta-dah) spreadsheets!

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