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It grieves us to post this but due to technical problems beyond our control, there will be no podcast on The State of Radio on November 5, 2008. Instead, we will return next Wednesday, with a fantastically informative podcast a week from then. Big apologies, and we’ll be back with this, plus a new episode of NRI’s redefined (NRI=New+Returned Indians) soon after, too.

The State of Radio – delayed

The State of Radio looks at news on the radio, two 'different' community radio stations (one for women and by women, the other a co-branded radio station for people with disabilities), the new portal & some Q2 reports.

The State of Radio: episode 7, Oct. 22, 2008

This week, I’m looking at a governmental/community radio stations that are coming in India, a noble initiative by Radio Mirchi to do some audio CSR for blind kids, reports on Q2 advertising revenues in Canada and India, as well as the purported ban on music in Mumbai cars - all the radio stories worth checking out from the last week.

The State of Radio: episode 2, Sept. 2, 2008