The State of Radio: episode 6, Oct. 08, 2008

8 Oct 2008 | Podcast: The State of Radio | 1 comment

the state of radio

the state of radio

In this episode, The State of Radio looks at royalty fees for Internet radio stations in the U.S., academic programs for community radio in India, a conference on the state of community radio, as well as — could it be? — news being allowed on radio! Give it a listen 🙂

The State of Radio 1.6 (Sonologue, India) October 8, 2008

Reference links:

News on FM? | Radio& | The Hindu | India Edu News | The Associated Press | PC Mag | ASCAP

Download the podcast: The State of Radio 1.6 (Sonologue, India) October 8, 2008 (right click and save file)

1 Comment

  1. Neeraj Pattath ( Skyn3t )

    i have never listened to a podcast before, and even if listened, never went on listening to the entire podcast 😛

    but this time i cant believe that i listened to the entire podcast

    wonderfully presented, awesome podcast, i can only say WoW


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