The importance of play in childhood —BBC Health Check

12 Sep 2020 | Narratives & Features, Portfolio | 0 comments

Parents all over the world worry about their children’s development and wellbeing. But how much thought do they give to play? Psychologists believe it’s crucial for our development and social skills.

The new Play Well exhibition at the Wellcome Collection in London looks at the significance of play in childhood and across society as a way of learning, expressing emotions and building empathy. Two schoolgirls give Claudia their verdict on the exhibition.

Children from the Indian cities of Delhi and Mumbai reveal what they like to play – and how it’s changed over the years.

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We hear from researchers about how much children’s letters to Father Christmas in the UK reveal about the history of play and how differently mothers and fathers play with their children.

And how to solve the thorny issue of getting children off their computers and out to play – we hear evidence on how a balance can be achieved and some of the best ways to play to stimulate a child’s imagination and resilience.

Health Check was presented by Claudia Hammond

Producer: Geraldine Fitzgerald

(Photo credit: hadynyah / Getty Images) 


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