LSDCast S01E19: Just gimme a reason + begging for thread

20 Jun 2016 | the LSDCast | 0 comments

On #19, Prem and Rogue talk about froggy style sex positions (no, it’s not graphic, just a news item), what to do when your partner disengages … in the bedroom and a twitter comment that got 250 retweets — about breaking up, abandonment, closure and whether the break-uper owes the break-upee an explanation.

Too hard to unpack? Just listen to the show, already. The siblings have some advice (Viagra, anyone?) possible diagnoses (depression?), lack of sympathy (Abandonment issues? Get over yourself!) And more.

Totally on fleek, yo!

Plus, a bonus from Prem whose ‘friend’ met a ‘chick’ with some really straightforward game. We like it!


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