LSDCast S01E18: Mother’s Choice + Scratching the itch

13 Jun 2016 | the LSDCast | 0 comments

In this episode, we hear from someone living a Justin Bieber song. He’s got a girlfriend (Prem & Rogue call her Sita), BUT ‘his mama don’t like her and she likes everyone’ … specifically another girl she thinks her darling son should be dating instead (We’ll call her Gita). What’s a shuddh desi boy to do? Prem and Rogue unpackage that one with aplomb.

Question two is about sleeping with a married boss *just once* to get it out of your system. Is that even possible? Is one scratch enough to deal with the itch? The siblings are cautious in their advice. What’s your take on this one?

Bonus: When Rogue attended a wedding and was embarrassed by the groom’s mum


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