LSDCast S01E14: Social media dating w/ guest Priyal + sweat

16 May 2016 | the LSDCast | 0 comments

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On episode 14, guest host Priyal offers practical wisdom and navigation tips for using social media as a dating tool. Should you DM someone you think is cute on twitter or Snapchat or Instagram? Is that kosher? Or is that invasive? Can you date someone you meet on social media? Priyal’s an awesome guest, Prem & Rogue at least agree on that one!

Next, we’re talking about sweat. The kind that smells. Especially down there. What’s a girl to do if she finds it gross? You can count on Prem for personal stories to back up his opinion and advice.

Finally, when is a sweet DP too much of a good thing? All that and more on the Love, Sex, Dating podcast!


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