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Honk to be fine(d) – my piece on PRI’s The World

oren India is infamous for a couple of things – and leading the list is its noise pollution. Depending on which index you look at it, India has three cities in the top 5 noisiest cities in the world. The noisiest of the all is Mumbai. The worst offenders are on the road and while some people complain about it, Jayraj Salgaonkar stepped up to the challenge of taking it on – by making honking a privilege with an upper limit that can be fined if you cross a threshold.

Here’s my latest piece that went on PRI’s The World.

You can both *listen* as well as read it here; Continue reading


#bigloser podcast 1

my friend @b50 started the #bigloser hashtag on twitter as a way to keep accountable for his fitness and also donate to charity every time he lost weight. The movement has picked up momentum and Sonologue is happy to announce we’re doing their podcast. It’s a short ‘cast

Bombay Talkies: CSR 2010, India

Karmayog’s third annual Corporate Social Responsibility report is out and we got an exclusive sneak peak at the findings. This year 13 companies got 4 points out of a possible 5. Who are they? And what can the rest do? And why should we, as citizens, as consumers, care?

Live from the BlueFROG #podcast: Karsh Kale episode 2

Every artist has a song and a story to share. Get the podcast and get up close and personal with your favorite Blue Frog artists. The second episode features percussionist and electronica artist Karsh Kale. Get the interview and a live track FREE.