If you know you want to put out a podcast, there is a #podcasting workshop for you! I’m working on a calendar that goes three months out now and if you’d like to know when @Sonologue is coming to your city (or if you’d like to invite me to conduct a hashtag#workshop in your city) do let me know. So far, I have basic and advanced workshops lined up in […]

New workshops in the works for 2019/2020

Sonologue just conducted a three-day workshop with kids at Shishuvan school from 7th, 8th, and 9th grade on how to make radio stories and also edit them in open source software, Audacity. The kids picked up the technology aspects astonishingly quickly. Before we could even assemble the recorders, the kids were off and doing field reports. The same happened with Audacity. I’ve had adults struggle to apply simple things like […]

Shishuvan – radio workshops