On April 1, the long awaited "people's car" - the Tata Nano made its debut at select car dealerships in Mumbai. We went over to one in the evening and talked to (and recorded) a few of the eager people milling about. We got information on the feel of the car, how the bookings work...

Bombay Talkies: The Tata Nano

It grieves us to post this but due to technical problems beyond our control, there will be no podcast on The State of Radio on November 5, 2008. Instead, we will return next Wednesday, with a fantastically informative podcast a week from then. Big apologies, and we’ll be back with this, plus a new episode of NRI’s redefined (NRI=New+Returned Indians) soon after, too.

The State of Radio – delayed

In this episode of NRI’s=New+Returned Indians, we’re talking to Sarah Hine, who moved to India from Connecticut last year and has just started her own business in Hyderabad. We talked about what keeps her here, being able to make a difference, being a single, white female in small town India, and her advice for fellow “foreigners” who move to India.

NRI’s redefined podcast: Sarah

The State of Radio podcast will now be produced fortnightly, rather than weekly. Meanwhile, we'd love your feedback on what you have enjoyed about the previous podcasts as well as what you'd like changed. If there are specific areas you'd like to hear about, do ...

A change in the frequency of The State of Radio