As Earthbeat shuts its doors at Radio Netherlands Worldwide, the Sonologue team also said goodbye to the Earthbeat India edition that we produced in English and Hindi for two years. For two years, the Sonologue-produced magazine style program ran in Hindi on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month and in English on the 1st and 3rd Monday of every month on All India Radio.

Earthbeat India says farewell

Christmas in India is mainly celebrated by 25 million Christians – under 3 percent of the population. But in recent years, the festival has become very popular across India’s religious spectrum. For Earth Beat, here's an essay about how Christmas has changed in the last 30 years.

Tis the season and it’s changed – Earthbeat

A commentary I did for Radio Netherlands about dirt, germs, and our growing national obsession with hand sanitizer… you can listen to just my piece (click to hear, right click to download and save to your computer) or you can listen to the whole show online, including reactions to how I ‘exemplified the extremes of coming from hyper-clean germ-phobic to one of the vibrant …cultures’ 😀 Great research on how […]

the dirt on dirt – earthbeat

At Sewri, an industrial suburb near Mumbai, you can find a treat for tired eyes. Along the backdrop of industry and with the whistle of a train ringing through the air, like rose petals clustered on glass, you can see a flock of real live flamingos - a thousand of them calmly rocking on the waves.

Pink Guests in Maximum City

Radio Netherlands partners AIR for co-production,, Jan 2010, by Anita Iyer MUMBAI: Radio Netherlands Worldwide (RNW) has entered into a new partnership with All India Radio (AIR) for co-production of a show – Earth Beat. Both organisations will work together in the co production called Earth Beat India. The programme will be broadcast nationally by AIR in English and Hindi every two weeks. RNW had partnered with the Gyaan […]

radio& – RNW+AIR partner for Earthbeat

We air our clean linen in public, talking about the right to dry our clothes outside. Some housing associations ban it, but forcing people to use dryers is expensive and bad for the planet. India is following in America's footsteps – but in a land where clothes drying seems to be in people’s genes, will the dryer ever replace the clothes line? Sonologue's commentary on line drying the laundry was featured on RNW's Earthbeat today. Download by right clicking here

Dry Fighting