"Don't turn off the lights" says Enrique and at least one guy who wrote to us. Sibling, hosts Prem & Rogue talk about why women don't want the lights on during sex (and men do) -- and turns into a dialogue about body image, body positivity, and those sensitive spots (thigh gaps, jiggly tummies, stretch marks, we've got it all covered.)

LSDCast S01E61: In the dark

Recently the Indian twitterwebs exploded with a primer on how to do casual sex. And we thought we should broaden that conversation so...joining your favorite hosts, your favorite siblings Prem & Rogue is our new best friend @naomi0_0barton who tells it like it is. Who supplies the condoms? Do you discuss STD's? Kinks? listen more on this episode.

LSDCast S01E59: Casual sex primer ft guest Naomi Barton

This week, how do you stop someone from getting the wrong idea when they like you more than you like them? The agony siblings (no, they're not in agony, but they're not agony 'aunts' either) have a question from someone trying be a responsible adult after going on a blind date with someone who has higher expectations from the situation than he does.

LSDCast S01E55: I don’t like you that way