NRI’s = New+Returned Indians

Previous episodes of the NRI’s=New+Returned Indians podcast:

the state of radioa series about the good, the bad, the frustrating and the fun things experienced by people who’ve recent migrated here – some originally from here, others of Indian origin who consider some place else ‘home’ and a few who’d never stepped foot on Indian soil before but have chosen to live here, anyway.

NRI’s redefined podcast: Rita

In this episode of NRI’s=New+Returned Indians, we’re talking to Rita Soni who moved from the U.S. three years ago to Mumbai. What works for her? What doesn’t? What does she miss and what advice does she have? Listen to find out.

NRI’s redefined podcast: Sarah

In this episode of NRI’s=New+Returned Indians, we’re talking to Sarah Hine, who moved to India from Connecticut last year and has just started her own business in Hyderabad. We talked about what keeps her here, being able to make a difference, being a single, white female in small town India, and her advice for fellow “foreigners” who move to India.

NRIs podcast: Vivek

In this episode of NRI’s=New+Returned Indians, we talk to activist Vivek Gilani who moved back to India after more than a decade in the U.S. – having taken a sabbatical from working on water issues in his beloved New York – to pursue his projects in Mumbai.