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We’ve worked with some of the top national and international radio, print, and web media companies. Enjoy listening to some stories we’re proud of having produced and authored.

Jagriti: Women sing out (Radio Netherlands/WAMU)
Cinemawallah Salim (Radio Netherlands)

East meets West: Indian romance (Radio Netherlands):

Uniformity and Equality (The State We’re In, Radio Netherlands)
Online Etiquette (The State We’re In, Radio Netherlands)
Evangelizing Open-Source Composting, A profile of Poonam Bir Kasturi of DailyDump (InfoChange India)

Mumbai attacks put a dent in confidence, featuring “Reactions from Mumbai with correspondent Chhavi Sachdev” (Newsline, Radio Netherlands Worldwide)
Social Responsibility in a Corporate World (The Infochange Audio Files, Infochangeindia.org)
Pilfering Power in India (The State We’re In, Radio Netherlands Worldwide)
Kidneys for cash (Radio Netherlands Worldwide)

Janpath: 150 ke do
Shadi band in Delhi