We’ve worked with some of the top national and international radio, print, and web media companies. Here’s a roundup of some stories we’re proud of having produced and authored.
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*many of the stories for Radio Netherlands Worldwide no longer have working links, unfortunately.

Jagriti: Positive women sing out (Radio Netherlands/WAMU)
Cinemawallah Salim – the Calcutta zoetrope vendor (Radio Netherlands)
Ashok Krish – parodying pop, classically (PRI’s The World)
Ram Devineni – taking on the shame and blame in rape through a comic book (DW Worldlink)
Mahesh Umrania – blind photographer (KCRW, Radio Race 2013)
Prabha Panse, India’s Yenta, matchmaker for the disabled (TSWI, RNW)
Disability is dangerous in India, a portrait of a blind woman struggling to be self-sufficient despite society.(TSWI, RNW)

FEATURES:One community’s bid to hold on: Speed dating in the Parsi world, Radio Netherlands
On BT Brinjal and GMO, Eartbeat, Radio Netherlands
Uniformity and Equality, The State We’re In, Radio Netherlands
Online Etiquette, The State We’re In, Radio Netherlands
Evangelizing Open-Source Composting, A profile of Poonam Bir Kasturi of DailyDump (InfoChange India)
No one sleeps hungry in Devlali, South Asia Wired, Radio Netherlands

Mumbai attacks put a dent in confidence, featuring reactions from Mumbai with correspondent Chhavi Sachdev, Newsline, Radio Netherlands Worldwide
Social Responsibility in a Corporate World (The Infochange Audio Files, Infochangeindia.org)
Pilfering Power in India, The State We’re In, Radio Netherlands Worldwide
Kidneys for cash, The State We’re In, Radio Netherlands Worldwide

Janpath: 150 ke do
Shaadi band in Delhi