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“Podcasting 101 was a comprehensive self-starter workshop, that came in at a ripe time when I was researching the medium. I felt fully equipped post the workshop and was successfully able to launch “IndiaBiospeaks“, a science communication podcast with the support of my team at IndiaBioscience. I learnt about content building, radio manners, delivery, recording, mixing, publishing and distribution, as well as how to build consistency and sustain the effort in the long term. I highly recommend this, and Chhavi is a superb coach and my go to Guru for anything podcast!” – Lakshmi Ganesan

“If the podcast industry is new for India, the thought of a podcast workshop is a novelty! And yet, Chhavi’s workshop was well thought out explaining the basics of what is needed to set up one’s own podcast, the right mix of practical exercise and things to know. A sequel is in order, Chhavi!” – Vasanthi Hariprakash

I attended a mini-workshop by Chhavi last year, just around the time that I was recording my first podcast series. I found her workshop to be well-structured and effective. Her insights, born out of her first-hand experiences in podcasting and journalism, were rich and helpful. The notes that she gave out continue to act as points of reference for me. I would certainly recommend her workshops. — Kunal Rajnikant Purohit, Journalist, Researcher