ivory haul
During my week long apprenticeship (“guest interning”, I called it) at PRI’s The World in Boston’s WGBH studios, I worked with senior producer Traci Wong to help find sources and then pre-interview the reporter who covered the story on the ground. The notorious Ivory Queen turns out to be a 66-year-old Chinese expat in Africa. Here’s the web version of the story that accompanied the interview. You should listen, it […]

Ivory Queen caught in Tanzania – web piece for PRI’s ...

A graffiti project has been launched in India that’s about more than just spray cans and eluding authority. Actually, “The Wall Project” is a sort of “graffiti for good”, for a sense of common space, aesthetics and a whole lot more — follow the RNW link to listen to the program (click the |> play button 😉 and stream it from the Earthbeat page) or listen to just my clip […]

graffiti for good-Mumbai’s Wall Project

On April 1, the long awaited "people's car" - the Tata Nano made its debut at select car dealerships in Mumbai. We went over to one in the evening and talked to (and recorded) a few of the eager people milling about. We got information on the feel of the car, how the bookings work...

Bombay Talkies: The Tata Nano