For The Cultural Frontline, I interviewed artist Roshnee Desai who has designed a taxi upholstery fabric “Only for men” that aims to turn sexism on its head. Her views, verbatim, in the podcast from January 9. It was broadcast on the BBC’s new The Cultural Frontline podcast on January 9. You can listen to the whole podcast here, it’s the lead piece:

Design for conversation & change: Roshnee Desai profiled on BBC’s ...

In December of 2012, when “Nirbhaya” was brutally raped and killed, documentary filmmaker Ram Devineni was visiting India. What he encountered moved him to create a comic book, his first, with an unlikely action hero – Priya, who astride a tiger, with the aid of Goddess Parvati, takes on prevailing attitudes and #everydaysexism. I met him in December 2014, at the launch of Priya’s Shakti at the Mumbai Comic Con […]

An unlikely heroine – my story on DW Worldlink

This episode of Bombay Talkies features Cariya Breeman, an American culinary artist who’s guest chefing a 9-course vegetarian dinner at Valhalla on the 27th and 28th of October. She talked to Sonologue about what culinary art is ...

Bombay Talkies: Culinary Art with Cariya Breemen