It's episode 49 and this time we've got a humdinger of a show. Yeah! We're talking about asexuality (what is it? and why is it? and is it normal? and if our listener's girlfriend is asexual and it makes him insecure but the sex is good, is it a problem?) *deep breath* Come on over, we're taking it all on.

LSDCast S01E49: Asexuality + What did you eat?

In episode 47, your hosts Prem and Rogue had a little mock squabble - as siblings do - with some mock threats (remember \"rum PUNCH\"?) so this time we're talking love bites (well, kinda linked, isn't it?) and we've got a legit expert to come talk to us about when verbal threats in a relationship move from being playful to actually alarming.

LSDCast S01E48: Love Bites + Verbal Threats

We made sure we were good and ready before diving into this episode - unlike our listener's partner - scoffed at her when she said she wasn't juiced up. Yes, we're talking penetration without lube (natural or not.) So boys, girls, listen up to your favorite relationship and intimacy coaches, siblings Prem & Rogue, as they tell you how to deal with a situation like this IRL...

LSDCast S01E47: Not Wet Yet & confusing NSA

So why are all the boys Rogue is hearing from on the dating apps only saying "hey"? Again. And again. And again. Sharing a bit about her own online dating journey, Rogue asks Prem for help on why men do this - and the siblings, your agony bhaiya and didi - share some real world tips for you so you can do this dating conversation right. Got it, hey?

LSDCast S01E45: Fingering + Monosyllables

We've talked about best friends before - it's a tricky thing when your bestie starts dating and even trickier when they start seeing someone you know ... and dislike! We've got a triangle where one listener's best friend is dating someone who was a douchebag in high school. Can people change? Should he call disaster before it strikes? Or hold his tongue?

LSDCast S01E46: Three Way Disonance + Three Times Unlucky

Prem lurves kids and for Rogue, someone with a child is a deal breaker. The two opposing factions take on a question from someone about when and how to introduce her new partner to her child. Your hosts may not be the most qualified to judge, but they give it a go (and we'd love your thoughts as well.) 

LSDCast S01E44: Introducing the kids and foreplay (Separately)