sound ideas

Whether you’re looking to create a podcast, learn audio storytelling, or want help with fleshing out a podcast series, look no further. Even if you have archived audio that you’d like to release as a podcast, we can come on board as producers and editors to shape your content into a compelling audio podcast series.

We can help you figure out the format, frequency, distribution, identity of your show. If you’re just getting started, we can help you figure out the best places and techniques to conduct interviews or collect field reports and organize your audio archives.

We conduct workshops on podcasting, radio journalism as well as production.

We also work with your organization to design content for your audio needs. We’re working with individuals, corporates, and not-for-profits, abroad as well as in small communities to develop relevant, topical, entertaining audio content.

If you’re curious about how to podcast, here’s our checklist for what is involved in starting your own podcast in India.