sound content

Sonologue provides several kinds of audio content services:

    Podcast content through scripting, interviewing, two-ways, tape synchs, and research as well as fixing.
    Editorial guidance for existing audio and archival material, by reviewing it with a client to shape it into the best story/series
    Third party production from start to finish, by working with you on the idea and then taking it to the studio and working with the host and engineer to design a world-class podcasting product

We have worked on news, comedy, drama, and educational shows.
Formats have included solo hosts, co-hosted chat shows, panel discussions, live storytelling, and, of course, interviews.

We make custom podcasts – as series and one-offs – for corporates, NGOs, media houses, and individuals. Whether you want one-on-one interviews, discussion panels, or profiles, talk to us – we’ll make it happen for you.

As long as it’s audio, we can deliver.