Podcasting consulting

Whether you’re looking to create a podcast as an individual with something to share or as a branding exercise for a corporate, Sonologue fits right in.
We can help you:

Understand podcasts and how they work
Meet with us to gain insight into what a podcast is about, what formats it can take, what each format is best suited for what content

Figure out if a podcast is suitable for your brand
Meet with us if you’re not sure what’s to gain from a podcast as a marketing and outreach tool, we’ll help you figure it out

Ideate & develop a podcast
Meet with us to come up with a plan about what kind of content you could put out, what segments it should include and how to make it happen

Strategize about podcast sustainability
Meet with us to understand what it takes to go the distance and how to meet your long-term goals

Produce a podcast
Working with our producers and sound team, we can make your podcast happen for you

Conduct orientation workshops to train your team
Or we can get your team up to speed on all that’s involved. Teach a man to fish …