/sono/ – be heard (Lat.: make a sound;  Esperanto: sound)
/logue/ – word (Greek -logos, from legein, to speak)

Sonologue is an audio content and production house uniquely poised to cover news, features, events, and profiles from the Indian subcontinent for global audiences.

Started by an Indian multimedia journalist who moved back to India after more than a decade in the US, Sonologue aims to provide topical, authentic, evocative, and balanced multimedia content for a variety of outlets — radio stations, corporates, not-for-profits, national and international media houses, and cultural organizations.

As insiders with an outsider’s perspective, our vantage point finds us evaluating so much around us as a story waiting to be told. We’d like to tap these stories — of economy, culture, trends, and people — stories that reveal our shared humanity, not only crossing boundaries but bridging, transcending, and transforming them.

Contact us by emailing info@sonologue dot com. You can also reach us at +91 nine eight three three six four six seven one seven.