LSDCast S01E58: Do different backgrounds matter?

Three years into a relationship that is solidifying into the next step of marriage, our listener wants to check with intimacy coaches and (totally self styled) love, sex and dating gurus Prem and Rogue if the little ‘compromises’ she’s noticing mean she’s going to end up unhappy? Her fiance has had her back until now, but her slightly regressive in-laws-to-be are gaining the upper hand _with_ his backing, right now. We’re invoking Bollywood movies including some classics and yes, even, religion and socioeconomic status! We’ve got case studies of Runaway Bride scenarios as well as happy endings. But, enough about us, take a listen. And tell us if you’ve seen this happen even in the love-marriage scenario? Bonus: BOTH Prem & Rogue are singing on this episode. (facepalm)

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