LSDCast S01E52: Sorry

26 Feb 2017 | the LSDCast | 0 comments

So, is it a gender thing? We have a question from a listener whose partner never backs down and says those three magic words “I. Am. Sorry.” — Join siblings and your favourite intimacy coaches Prem & Rogue talk about whether it’s conditioning or just that he’s an asshole! It’s more than a philosophical debate about nature versus nurture? Prem says, either way, look for other ways he may be showing he’s sorry. Rogue wants to know why the words are important. Is it for closure? What do you think? Why is it so hard to say sorry! Beliebers, chime in! And then we take a look at make-up sex…making up, breaking up and the high of the drama. Lots to mull over; let off some steam, tune in! And leave us your feedback, too!


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