#HappyToBleed – my conversation with DW’s WorldLink about the campaign

I spoke with Nikita Azad who started a small revolution on social media for DW’s WorldLink program late last week and it was in Friday’s show.
The hashtag #HappyToBleed started with an open letter on an online activist forum that went viral, challenging the patriarchy that forbids women who are menstruating — a normal, universal biological function — from entering a temple. The spark? A remark by the chief priest at the Sabrimala temple … but listen to the story for more.

Here’s the longer piece:
http://www.dw.com/en/worldlink-happy-to-bleed-in-india/av-18879985 Click to listen.

The full show is up here and the story played at 49 minutes in.

Speaking to Nikita was a treat. She’s only 20 and is so informed, vocal, and determined. Inspirational! (This is why I love my job. I get to talk to people like her.) You can find her on twitter @Nikita_Azad and Facebook if you’d like to follow her.

May I just add that I reported and then recorded this during the full-on big, fat, Indian wedding of a very close friend? Madness 😀


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