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rhino poop paper stacked.
My January reports from Assam on elephant and rhino conservation through an enterprise that makes dung paper aired on Deutsche Welle in March. The show, World Link, is about “the people behind the headlines” so for them I did a profile of Mahesh ​Bora, who started ElRhino. I think it came out quite well, mostly because Mr. Bora is just lovely. Based on this story, the editor of the technology […]

Saving the rhino through paper: my stories for DW

by chhavi sachdev, creative commons
For many people, clothes made from silk signify beauty and elegance in fashion. But not everyone is aware that the silk worms that create the fine silk thread are actually killed in the production process, when their cocoons are placed in boiling water to obtain the thread. Some silk products are marketed as “Ahimsa” silk, claiming to use a non-violent production method. Here’s my story. I tried to balance out […]

Ahimsa silk? Story on DW’s World in Progress