Bombay Talkies: CSR 2010, India

13 Apr 2010 | Podcast: Bombay Talkies | 0 comments

CSR, image by Kara Allyson, are India’s top 500 companies doing besides making a profit and keeping their shareholders happy?
Karmayog‘s third annual Corporate Social Responsibility report is out and we got an exclusive sneak peak at the findings.
This year 13 companies got 4 points out of a possible 5. Who are they? And what can the rest do? And why should we, as citizens, as consumers, care?

Listen/download and find out.

Bombay Talkies 1.6: CSR with Karmayog (Sonologue, India) April 14, 2010


Download the podcast: Bombay Talkies 1.6: Corporate Social Responsibility with Karmayog (Sonologue, India) April 14, 2010 (right click and save file. 13.6 mb) Or just subscribe in iTunes and let Apple do the work for you:


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