Bhopal – then and now

13 Dec 2009 | Narratives & Features | 0 comments

18-year-old Adil can't speak or walk/Chhavi SachdevTo mark the 25th anniversary of the Bhopal/Union Carbide gas leak, RNW commissioned us to do a several part series on what things are like now. For the human rights angle on things, visit The State We’re In to stream audio on the various pieces – an interview with Sathyu Sarangi, the lynchpin of citizen activism; a portrait of the Chingari Trust which treats the children who live with poisoned water and soil today; For a look at the water problems that the government has yet to fix on Earthbeat, visit 25 years on: Bhopal still pollutes.
If you’d like to join the citizens’ fight for rehabilitative action from Dow and the government, please visit The Chingari Trust needs nutritious snacks for their rehab/vocational school so kids can stay in school and get physical therapy.


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