Podcasting Couch: May 31, 2009 (Sunday Mid-day)

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Podcasting couch
By: Chhavi Sachdev

Hello again, podcasting pros! Well, by now you should have amassed quite a library of podcasts you’re listening to. Last week, I promised all the parents and would-be parents a roundup of good podcasts about raising a family – a little voyeurism into other people’s problems could give you insight into solving your own, right?

Here’s one that’s pretty fun (it’s sponsored, but hey, parenting is a full-time job and this lady podcasts on top of that!): “The Mighty Mommy’s Quick & Dirty Tips for Practical Parenting” (type “mighty mommy” in the search button.) In under 5 minutes, hear the Mighty Mommy tackle things like how to raise a kid who’s addicted to youtube & the Internet; how to not fall sick when your own child is sick; and sibling rivalry. Mom’s, there’s also the “MommyCast” hosted by Paige and Gretchen (seriously, they’re not as old-fashioned as their names) about motherhood. This longer show features guests and lots of personal stories. Want expert advice? An issue-based show, “Parents Magazine Podcast” features questions (shyness, imaginary friends, bedwetting) and a doctor who answers them. Dr. Mike’s hour-long “Pediacast” is similar but more in-depth. Check it out. There are a dozen other good ones, but dads this one’s for you: “The Bitterest Pill” by Dan Klass, a stay-at-home father.

Incidentally, if you like classical music, the New York Philharmonic has several concerts available for free download as podcasts. And the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston has their concert series “The Concert” available as a podcast, too. I just discovered this, so I felt like I’d just throw it in there ☺

LISTENER’S CHOICE (recommended by reader “Anaam”):
“Catbirdseat” showcases new artist or under/unpaid artist in a dedicated attempt to familiarize the world with their independent music. The artists featured on this podcast are like rogue music renegades or undercover musicians – the likeliness of you having heard about them is as short as a leprechaun.

Remember you can find these podcasts in several different ways: by searching topic, title or author in iTunes or aggregators like podcastalley.com or odeo.com – or simply by searching through an engine like Google.

Next week, we look at listening to audiobooks on your mp3 player (or computer or phone). If you’d like to share your favorite sites and discoveries, do drop me a line and we’ll publish them here.


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